Our aim is to provide your beloved pet with a personal, dignified and affordable cremation combining a guarantee of professional standards with understanding and compassion. We cremate all creatures great and small with feathers, fur or scales, up to approximately 90kg.

We are happy to collect your deceased pet from your veterinary hospital or from your home. Alternatively you can bring your pet to us and say your farewells in our goodbye room. You will need to make an appointment with us prior to coming. Our family will be with your pet from that moment to the time we return their ashes safely to you in your choice of an urn, a picture box, forget-me-not box or a scatter pack. We also have an ash keepsake key ring with paw print, and a plush, huggable teddy bear with ash keepsake and a range of garden memorial urns, plaques and river stones

We also have a selection of ash keepsake jewellery and keyring with paw print. Our urns are made of metal which means they will not chip or easily break like ceramic urns.

We guarantee that the ashes returned are those of your cherished pet, and your pet only. We can return the ashes to your vet or your home and we provide a personal certificate of cremation. Ashes would be returned within 6 days of pick up.

We do offer a service for families that do not wish to retain the ashes of their pet, but still wish their pet to have the highest quality of care. Pets are cremated and ashes scattered in Paws to Reflectís own peaceful native bush reserve. Your petís name will be displayed on a memorial board that is attached to an old gum. Owners may come to visit their petís final resting place by appointment.

In Summary Our Service Include:
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