Dear Tracey & Phyll, I am writing to express my sincere thank you to you both. You brought comfort to a very sad time and treated dear Suka with respect and kindness.

  the late Suka 5/6/2012

Thank you so much for your extremely caring, compassionate & thoughtful nature. Your support through the whole process of cremating Jessica made one of the hardest times in our lives that little bit easier. Even though we had her with us for 16 wonderful years having her ashes feels like Jessica is still here & close to our hearts. We can look at her, touch her & remember all the happiness she brought to our lives. It's great to know that this service is available for our loving pets so that they are not forgotten. Truly you're inspirational.
Corey & Lisa

  the late Jessica 9/6/2012

Tracey, I would like to say a huge thank you to yourself for making the process of dealing with my beautiful girl "Steffi's" passing bearable. You listened to my blubbering and kindness and never made me feel pressured to make any decisions straight away. Thank you also for the confidence I felt knowing that when Steffi joined your family, she was going to be inside with you, all being given the same love, care & respect that she was used to at home. Tracey you are a truly wonderful special person & what your family does for our animals and the comfort it gives us as owners is truly commendable. God Bless You all.

  the late Steffi 8/6/2012

We would like to thank you very much for you kindness and sincerity in dealing with the loss of our beloved Monty. We really appreciated the phone call to let us know that he had been picked up from the vets and was "home" with you. Monty had been Andrews companion ever since he was a pup and they had a very special bond. To find someone who would understand that connection was extremely important. Andrew was very pleased with your service and was grateful for all you have done for Monty. During the Easter break we took Monty to Nowra NSW with us as we were visiting in laws there. Monty used to live with Andrew and Family on HMAS Creswell and used to chase the kangaroos on the golf course. We were able to scatter his ashes in his favourite place, which meant a great deal to Andrew. Thank you so much for your care and concern. I am more than happy to refer your service, and have already spoken to some about what you have to offer. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for all you have done for us at what was a difficult time.
Kerry, Andrew, Kate and Stuart

  the late Monty 17/3/2012

Our beloved Jerry was very special to all of us but especially to our daughter Brizayah, he was her Best Friend. To be able to leave such an important part of our family behind was hard to do, but to know that he was in such great care made it alot easier. To keep Jerry close to us for many years to come was very important, so Thankyou for the service you provide. Thankyou again and again and again
Nathan, Aleisha, Brizayah, Addison & Meka

  the late Jerry 22/1/2012

Thankyou to Tracey and Mum, who made what is the horrible end of pet ownership, a little bit better. Your service, from the first contact, then through a "false start" and then finally when our darling dog died, was exceptional. We never felt that we were just one of a number and the caring showed for us and our boy was fantastic. The service and care that you show is a credit to you and I would thoroughly recommend your service to anyone who is looking for a service that really cares about your pet (in fact I already have), from people who obviously understand the bond between people and their fluffy children. Thank you for your caring for us all at this really difficult time
Leanne and Iain

  the late Zac 4/11/2011

I would like to thank you for taking care of our beloved dog Jessie. When her time came to go to animal heaven everything was done so beautifully and your sincerity and compassion in helping us to deal with her passing was the best. We have recommended you to all our family and friends for when their pets time comes.
Michelle & Phil

  the late Jessie 5/10/2011

To all at Paws to Reflect. A big thank you for your quick response at getting our dog Basil back to us in such a short time as we were on holiday. Thank you for your care and attention to details you gave our wonderful pet Basil.
Angela and Peter

  the late Basil 21/9/2011

Thank you so much for taking care of our beautiful Ollie. This has been an incredibly sad time for us and we will miss him very much. We thought the personal touches to bring Ollie's ashes back to us were very special and we will spread his ashes at the beach where he always had the best fun. Thanks again.
Peta, Craig & Chelsea

  the late Ollie 16/9/2011

I would like to thank you, and Paws 2 Reflect, for your compassion given during such a difficult time, when i had to organise my wee man, Charlie's euthanisation. It is the most heart-wrenching thing to do in the world, but with your kind words of support, and respect shown, before and after the event, it made it so much easier to cope with, knowing Charlie was in 'safe and loving hands'. To find such a personal, professional business now-a-days, is rare! After phoning quite a few other Pet Cremation services, and asking them questions, I realised I was just another $$ to them. I soon realised that my needs and my little man Charlie's needs, would not be met with the other companies. I then did not hesitate to go ahead and book your services. I would not hesitate at recommending your services to fellow friends and family and all future acquaintances, whom have a pet, that they treasure, and want the 'best' service for them. Once again THANK YOU! Kind regards, and 'loves and licks, from Charlie in doggy heaven !'
Carol-Ann Payne

  the late Charlie 12/8/2011

Thank you so very much for your kindness, empathy and caring. Leaving our precious Jessie in your care meant so much to us and has made a difficult time more manageable. Your genuine, generous nature has been a blessing. You're appreciated!! Huge Hugs.
Anne & Ben

  the late Jessie 12/4/2011

Phemie and I would like to thank you all at Paws to Reflect for your gentle, compassionate respect that you have shown to our beloved friend, Scout. You have honoured her spirit and memory and thus given us a measure of peace in our grieving. Again, heartfelt thanks.

  the late Scout 29/4/2011

I'm writing to thank you for the special care you gave me and my little Gabriella at the time of her cremation. Your gentle understanding and sensitivity made a difficult time more bearable. I'm happy with the attractive picture box that holds her ashes and the plaque is just beautiful more than I expected! So, thank you from the bottom of my heart I shall never forget you.

  the late Gabriella 21/1/2011

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the kindness and compassion extended to us following Skye's death. I would also like to say how much I enjoyed speaking to you Tracey and wish you and your family good health.

  the late Skye 6/1/2011

Sincere appreciation for all your kindness & care in looking after Honey.

  the late Honey 31/1/2011

We would like to thank you both for the compassion you have showed us when losing our two wonderful cats Sheena & Gloria. At the time it was difficult to express how thankful we were to have met two such wonderful people. You truly made a hard experience much, much easier. While we hope our paths don't cross again soon, we will always remember you both.
Candice & Adam

  the late Sheena 12/4/2009 & Gloria

I would just like to say thank you so much for your compassion and the caring way that you looked after Jess. She is just so special to us and to know that she was being treated with the respect and love she deserved helped to ease the pain. The Picture Box is just beautiful and enables us to always have Jess around and forever in our hearts.

  the late Jess 7/11/2010

Thank you is such a little word and is not nearly enough to convey to you my sincere appreciation of your wonderful services. I was so touched by your kind words and gentle nature during our conversations to make the final arrangements for our beloved meltese dog Paris. The whole process was handled with love & respect from the moment we arrived at the cremation office, the lovely basket Paris was placed in and covered with a blanket made me feel like she was being left with family and it was like she was just sleeping. What a wonderful surprise to receive your call two days later to advise she was ready for collection in her lovely urn with the inscription on her special disc, we love the cremation certificate and beautiful rose which was all taken pride of place in our glass cabinet. Once again Tracey, thank you to you and your family from ours
Lyn & Craig

  the late Paris 6/11/2010

Thank you so much for your support and kindness. It amazes me how much care you put into your job, even my sister who has dealt with a company in NSW on numerous occasions is impressed with the level of service you provide.
Narelle RSPCA

  the late Sasha 24/9/2010

Firstly thank you for your genuine care & sympathy in our dealings. The final part of the last few weeks has been made so much easier by your ability to make me feel like our dear, brave Charlie has been treated with the care we would have given to him ourselves.

  the late Charlie 5/11/2010

We are very impressed with the service and understanding we received from Tracey at Paws to Reflect. As we knew we would be needing this service very soon, the comforting we were given at our first enquiry was excellent. Paws to Reflect has left us with lasting memories and would have no hesitation in recommending their "down to earth" services.
Barbara & Malcolm

  the late Kelly 2/8/2010

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how happy we were with your service after our recent sad loss of Scooter. We thought that you were professional and very caring and compassionate at every stage which made it easier for us at a very sad time. We were very confident that Scooter was treated with care and dignity by you and in fact we felt the overall respect you gave to us and to Scooter was better than many humans receive. The presentation and delivery of Scooter's ashes was also extremely respectful and thoughtful the picture box is very tasteful and beautiful quality. The keyrings are a nice touch also and we are very happy that we ordered them. Scooter will be coming with me to South America now! We just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with every part of your service and would be happy to recommend your company to anyone.
Yan & Sue

  the late Scooter 21/7/2010

I simply cannot thank Tracey and Phyll enough for their care, understanding and absolute professionalism at this very difficult time. You can tell that they love animals and understand how hard losing a loved pet can be. Nothing was too much trouble. A sad time was made easier because of their compassion, and the poems and Peri's scatter pack was lovely. Thank you

  the late Peri 23/6/2010

Thank you so much for your caring and compassionate attendance to my lovely old girl. She passed so suddenly, while I was away for a few days and heartbroken I could not get back in time. At such a distressing time, your thoughtfulness, compassion and caring attention was most welcome. I had Ayeesha as a friend for 9 of her 15 years and the love, devotion and compassion she displayed towards me through those years was only equaled by yours in dealing so quietly and efficiently with the need to do what had to be done. Thank you so much, I will be using your services again, but not too soon I hope,

  the late Ayeesha 13/5/2010

On behalf of my family we just wanted to say thank you for the cremation of our precious dog Charlie. Your kindness and professionalism made the experience of losing our baby just that little bit easier knowing he was treated with dignity and respected by such caring, wonderful, amazing people. I cannot thank you enough for bringing him home to us in such a short time either. I will be recommending your services to friends and family. As we are big animal lovers, I'm sure we will be needing to call upon you again. Keep up the good work and once again thank you so much.
Paul, Megan, Hugo & Archie

  the late Charlie 11/3/2010

I wanted to say a very big THANK YOU to you for your wonderful support during what was a very difficult time for me and my family. On the day Phoebe passed away, I spoke to you in the morning and at that stage I was very confused about what to do. My head said one thing but my heart was overriding!! Your words meant a lot at that point as it made everything so abundantly clear. I did have to step up for my beloved girl and having your supportive words and kindness helped more than you could know. Your attention to every detail afterwards also alleviated so much anxiety. Your call to let me know you had Phoebe and that she wasn't alone and your emails keeping me up to date with each step of the process made me feel that she was also special to you. When I came to pick her up and bring her home I wasn't really sure how I would go but meeting you and seeing the caring way in which you gave her back to me is beyond what I expected. So thank you Thank You, THANK YOU You do a wonderful job.

  the late Phoebe 31/12/2009

Thank you for much for your time & compassion yesterday re funeral arrangements for our dog Peaches. You managed to impart a lot of compassionate feelings & ideas to us. I'm impressed
Ian & Jan

  the late Peaches 11/4/2010

We would like to thank you for your kindness and caring words at our time of need. Tracey I would like to thank you for the professional way in which you looked after us at such a difficult time. You were so caring and strong. We would like to thank you for all the trouble you went to in getting the right sized plaque to fit all what we wanted to say. Also for making his journey complete with his best mate his toy gorilla. We feel very comfortable in referring you and your family to our friends and family if ever in need of such a wonderful service.
Shazz & Rob

  the late Hooch 16/10/2009

To your family and the incredible service you provided to us when our beloved puggy passed away. Your services were fantastic in our time of crisis. Tracey you could not have been more professional and understanding to our family needs. Thank you for what you did in handling Sophie at the time, you were so comforting and reassuring. You made a sorrowful time for our family that little bit easier to deal with. We now have our precious puggy at home with us which we feel now completed her journey in life. Thank you so much for making this possible with your wonderful care.
Janeen, Michael & Lauren

  the late Sophie 30/10/2009

Just a short note to thank you for all your emotional support after the passing of our much loved family dog, Teabag. The first phone call to you was very difficult for me, but you gave me the comfort I needed. The personal touches made all the difference, when you personally delivered his urn back to us. Thank you
Kevin, Sharon, Hannah

  the late Teabag 17/3/2009

Thank you to you and your family for the care, love and compassion you extended to Poppy and to our family. We were blessed that you were placed in our path, to help us gently, gracefully, move through Poppy's passing with as much respect, honour and care as could be humanly possible. Thank you with heartfelt gratitude.
Fiona, Brad & Lachlan

  the late Poppy 26/3/2009

Thank you so much for your extremely caring, compassionate and thoughtful, to say nothing of professional abilities, and support through the process of cremating Miso. If everyone ran their business like you do, I'm sure the world would be a better place. Truly you're inspirational.

  the late Miso 27/9/2008

'Bernie' my 18 year old cat is now home with us and we would sincerely like to thank you for your caring and understanding the night Bernie passed away. You obviously understand the grief when someone loses a loved pet. Whilst I knew Bernie was on borrowed time it still was a very sad time when I found him that night. Please accept my sincere thanks for the way you let me say my farewell to Bernie. Watson and I are moving on but we still say good morning and good night to Bernie as his ashes are in the china cabinet which we pass as we go about our daily chores. Once again thank you for giving Bernie the farewell he deserved, I am so glad I found you at the "Million Paws Walk" and I was able to use your very special service.
Sandy, Watson

  the late Bernie 13/8/2008

I am so grateful you do what you do. People need time to grieve when their pet (best friend) has gone. I thank you for being so understanding and being a great listener. You give people the time they need. I miss Jigsaw soooo much. I would give anything to have her back. I am so glad you can help me to always keep her with me. Not enough words can describe how I feel, but I know you understand. I appreciate that. Thank you so much for taking care of my best friend "Jigsaw".
Cindy, Nathan, Bradley

  the late Jigsaw 15/8/2008

My Toby, my shadow, my closest best friend, Who will take care of you now at the end. I've loved you for years fourteen in all! And now it is time for you to answer your call. Not knowing if someone would love you just so, But to 'Paws to Reflect' I allowed you to go. Imagine my Toby when you came back to me, You had been treasured and honoured, A fine box for to see! It now makes my grief more bearable you know, Darling Toby 'Paws to Reflect' was a good choice to go!
Lee & Ross

  the late Toby 4/7/2008

It's lovely to have Ben home again as I thought I was just being silly wanting his ashes, but surprisingly it feels better knowing he is there. I didn't open the envelope in the bag until I got home as I thought there was just an invoice inside it, but it had a lovely surprise to receive a birthday card and cat quotes! Thank you very much for taking care of everything for me. I will be recommending you to all my friends that have pets.

  the late Ben 23/6/2008

I lost my beloved best friend of nearly 13 years. He meant the world to me. Tracey from 'Paws to Reflect' was fantastic. I couldn't ask for better. Nothing was too hard for her. Tracey was very compassionate and consoling. I flew out to Queensland the day my dog was put to sleep. Tracey kept me informed on the phone at all times what was happening. Suka was cremated and brought back to my house in a beautiful forget-me-not box. Tracey eased the pain of losing my best friend. I would recommend 'Paws to Reflect' to everyone. They are wonderful and caring people who I will never forget and be ever so grateful to. Thank you for everything you did for me I will never forget. You are wonderful people. You are there when your animal passes away.

  the late Suka 9/6/2008

Just a short note to thank you for the care and the respect that you showed to my beloved Meesha and the compassion that you showed me when I did not know what to do or say. Thank you for the forget-me-not box, thank you for the speed of the entire service that has allowed me to come to terms with losing my little girl. Sometimes thank you never seems enough but understand it comes from my heart. May you continue this wonderful work that you are doing in healing broken hearts.

  the late Meesha 16/2/2008

Thank you so much. 'Paws to Reflect' provides an outstanding service in pet cremation and you understand just what a pet owner is going through when losing a beloved pet. The photo frame wooden box, that you have available, are so much better that ceramic urns that are the alternative used elsewhere. To farewell Rocky in a dignified manner meant so much to me.

  the late Rocky 26/3/2008

Thank you so much for making one of the hardest times in our lives one of the most easiest. That day when we rang you, I hoped in everyway that I would not have to ring you back to ask for your services, but your nature and your caring attitude made me feel at ease and Pepe was going to someone that cared and loved him as much as we did. You came and got Pepe and had him back to me so quickly, something I will thank you forever for. I cannot express my gratitude enough.
Robert, Hatige

  the late Pepe 23/8/2007

There are no words that can tell you how much your care and support has meant to us during this difficult time.
Lesley & Steve

  the late Bundy 12/7/2007
Paws to Reflect